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Mats Bjurefalk
Mats has an academic background as a ship engineer. During his career he has successfully developed companies and products for 35 years. Mats is among others founder of the company Facitet.

Pim Polesie
Lic Ing.
Pim was former VP of Cimco Marine AB and part of the team that developed the Oxe Diesel. Currently Pim is working on Specma AB as Product Manager. Pim is educated at Chalmers and has worked with marine high speed navigation for the Swedish Navy and for the company Spectre Marine AB.

Börje Nilsson
Börje is a communicator with a background in brand development, car manufacturing industry (SAAB AB and Volvo Cars AB) and fashion (Monki and NK). Börje is a graduate economist.

Nicolas Berner Wolf
Engineering Physics
Nicolas has a background in wave power and offshore industry. Nicolas is a Master of Science in Engineering.